5 best start-up ideas ever!

Mar 25, 15

We bring you top 5 ideas that were conceived by great minds and was an instant hit as we celebrate International Ideas Month this March. Some of them might be mainstream and some are simply offbeat to the level you can’t imagine.

1.  Map My Fitness


It’s a fitness tracking platform which relies on GPS technology to map and record workouts. It includes online training tools,  fitness calculators and an online fitness tracking tool.  It claims to have 13 million users and is compatible with 200 devices.
2. ShoeDazzle

















This brilliant idea addresses your regular and inevitable fight with your wardrobe every morning. Shoe Dazzle helps women find shoes, apparel and accessories according to their interests and likes. It has more than 13 million members till date, recently they ditched their successful subscription programme only to bring it back with a new face and they are thriving once again more than ever.
3. Pandora


It’s a personalized music station which tailors music for a user by their interest graph and most importantly it relies on the feedback given about the songs and the artists. Individuals receive music they would really want to listen to and that makes them feel special which adds to brand loyalty. It is expected to raise $231 million on the sale of 10 million shares.
4. Back to the Roots











By providing a miniature self cleaning aquarium and grow your own mushroom kit, this start-up has truly connected families with their food. The self cleaning Aqua Farm lets your grow your own food. The mushroom kit produces 1.5 pounds of mushroom in 10 days.  The kits are available in more than 2500 retailers.
5. Coach Up


coach upA life changing approach, this start up helps kids realize which sports is best for them by connecting them with private coaches across all sports and ages. Co founder Jordan Fliegel believed that the idea will take kids to the next best level of their game. They have received  $2.7 million in investments.

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Have you ever conceived a whacky idea which you might have thought won’t work? We are sure after reading this, you won’t be giving a second thought.

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