5 Children’s Craft Day Ideas To Get Playful With Your Kids

Mar 9, 15

National Children’s Craft Day is just around the corner and you might be looking for ideas to engage your kids in a fun activity or some innovative craft assignment. Here we have listed some of the simplest craft ideas that will make you and your kids get playful.


1. Bottle Jellyfish

Soda bottle octopus

What you need: Soda bottle, ribbons, sharp knife, hole puncher and paint.

How – Cut the bottom of the bottle and sand it off to get rid of sharp edges. Make 5 to 6 holes along the edge. Paint the outer surface with yellow or the color of your choice, draw eyes and leave it to dry for some time. Loop colorful ribbons and tie them inside the bottle and you are ready to go. You can also wear it as a hat.


2. Paper Plate Swan

Paper plate swan

What you need – White paper plates, scissors, paint, glue and bird feathers.

How – Start by cutting from the edge of the plate, go up all the way till you reach the textured surface of the plate.  Follow the line and cut until the beginning. About a little above the cut give the textured surface the shape of the beak and head. Paint the beak in red or orange. Paste the feathers on the belly and your swan is  ready to swim.


3. Ice Cream Stick Farm Animals

Ice cream stick farm animals

What you need – Ice cream sticks, paint, craft paper, googly eyes, buttons and glue.

How – Paint the sticks according to the color of the animals and leave it to dry. While the paint is drying, pick up the craft paper and cut them according to the shapes of ears, nose, eyes and hen feathers. Color them accordingly. Stick each ice cream stick with the respective set of nose, ears and eyes. You may also use googly eyes. You can’t stop being playful after you have finished making the bunch of farm animals.


4.  Paper Cup Wind Chime

Paper cup windchime

What you need – Paper cup, colorful buttons, plastic stars and small ornamental balls.

How – This is the most simplest yet prettiest wind chime you can ever make. Take the ribbons and make a knot in one end. Loop stars, buttons and the ornamental balls and repeat the process till you have obtained five to six inches of beaded thread. Make four to five such beaded threads and tie the loose ends in the paper cup holes that you have made along the rim. Make another hole on the bottom of the cup and insert a thread, make a knot inside the cup and you are ready to hang it wherever you want to.


5. Pumpkin Seed Tree

Sunflower seed tree

What you need – A handful of pumpkin seeds, glue, pencil and white art paper.

How – Draw the outline of a tree on the art paper and keep it aside. Divide the pumpkin seeds in two parts. Color some with orange and some with green. Do not color the other half of the seeds as they naturally resemble the color of the tree bark. Smear glue inside the outline of the tree, place the uncolored seeds first starting from the bottom of the bark moving upward to the mid of the tree. Then start with the green colored seeds, add a layer and then start with adding two layers of orange colored seeds.  Frame it and hand it on the wall of your kid’s room.


Have you made any fun craft with your kids recently, then do send us the pictures in here so that mommies and daddies can get more ideas!

ArtworkServicesUSA wishes all the lovely kids a very Happy Children’s Craft Day!

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