5 Fun and Creepy Decorative Ideas for Halloween

Oct 27, 14

The spookiness is all about to set sail! Yes, with few days left until Halloween, the anticipation is rising. And why not, we all love Halloween.  It allows us to let go our usual inhibitions. We dress up as superheroes, vampires or jokers.

People also come up with different haunts in their backyard by setting up scary walk-throughs, hayrides and other weird attractions.

So, whether you wish to throw a Halloween bash or want to set up a campfire to narrate ghost stories at the backyard, the following decoration ideas will help you stir up the Halloween spirit perfectly. All you need is just some creativity, few supplies and tools.

4ca66de86eb0f imageImage Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

1.      Backyard Cemetery

To turn your back yard or front yard into a creepy cemetery, you can use reclaimed materials such as empty shipping boxes and give them the shape of graveyards. Also, cut cardboards into different shapes and paint them in grey color to make them seem like tombstones. Once the paint dries up, write R.I.P over it and plant it on the ground with glue or adhesive tape.

You can also create a pathway of tombstones, making for a scary night time walk.

2.      Spooky Trees

Want to make your entire yard come alive? Use baked clay to create weird faces and put them on the trunk of the trees.  You can also place a speaker in the branches or near the tree and play haunted soundtracks to attract the attention of the visitors to the trees.

3.      Giant Spiders

The creepy, crawling giant spiders fit perfectly into the Halloween theme. Use few trash bags and transform them into giant spiders. Stuff the bag with newspapers or packing materials and tie them to make them look like spider legs. Place them on the trees or on the front porch. You may also make several giant spiders and cluster them on the steps of your house.

4.      Jack o’ Lanterns

Jack o’ Lanterns are an integral part of the Halloween celebrations. If you don’t want to carve the pumpkins, you can buy them from a hobby store. The one that you buy usually comes with in-built lights, and you can use them for the next season of the Halloween as well.

5.      Coffin Cooler

How about making a coffin cooler that holds drinks for your outdoor party? Sound great right? For this you’ll need a few 4 X 4 boards, some nails, glue and paints. Arrange the boards and glue them together so that they look like a coffin and place it as a table during the Halloween bash.

For ideas to materialize, all you need to have is the Halloween spirit. You can decorate your home easily with the supplies that’s lying around your house or buy the craft items from the hobby store within $100. What’s more, you can use all these items to scare and amuse your family members and friends next Halloween too!

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