5 Great Apps for Small Business Owners

Jul 15, 14

With the overload of free apps at our disposal, it becomes difficult to shortlist the most productive one to drive business growth. Here we list 5 great apps for helping you keep your business organized and on the path to success.

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I. (iOS/Android)

 For most small businesses, dealing with a long list of tasks is unavoidable. However, using an award winning app like ensures you sail through your daily responsibilities with ease. It enables you to conveniently add to your list of daily to-dos. After completion of a task you can select “done “or set it aside for another day. This lets you juggle your tasks, so you can finish them even if it means postponing them a few hours ahead to suit your schedule.

II.       LinkedIn Pulse (iOS/Android)

 LinkedIn’s popularity is well known to most professionals. This was taken to another level with the introduction of the Pulse app. It is designed to help you personalize your reading experience and to narrow it down to a specific content requirement. Information can also be pre-loaded and viewed while you’re offline. Additionally, articles of interest can be shared for connecting with other professionals on your own LinkedIn community.

III.       Quip (iOS/Android)

 This app enables business professionals to team up with others on documents. If you are required to constantly work on drafts and edits in real-time, then Quip is just what you need. This app save time involved in checking emails since project changes and developments are notified on mobile devices. Even when you’re offline, Quip enables you to create and manage documents efficiently and without fuss.

IV.       Evernote (iOS/Windows/Android)

Making quick and easy notes has never been simpler. Whether it’s to save your favorite web pages, track an important meeting, or simply share notes with colleagues, Evernote makes it effortless. This app offers a seamless transition from your mobile to your desktop.

V.       HipChat (iOS/Android/Desktop)

 Emails often go unanswered causing a delay in overall productivity. This can be efficiently tackled with the help of HipChat. Your entire team can stay connected via messages thanks to this cross-platform tool. The app’s desktop, mobile, and web solutions ensures everyone in your business is promptly available to participate in a chat.

We hope you find this list useful!

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