5 products to look forward to in 2016

Dec 30, 15

2015 witnessed some awesome innovative products that rocked the market. From wearable gadgets to a 3D printed electric car, we proved there is nothing we can’t do if the mind has conceived it. We are almost a the fag end of the year, while some marvel at creations and while some wonder how to outline their imagination, let’s look at some products which are going to be the highlights in the year ahead.



Source: Cuckooland

Forget charging problems with this wallet come charger. Besides having a USB rechargeable, iPhone- and Micro-USB-compatible battery, this offers slots for keeping cards and cash. Pocket pinch – $85

2. Wake up Light



Wake up only when the sun shines. Yes, this clock will lightly cajole you into leaving your bed by reflecting bright sun like beams on your face. The alarm works in sync with the rising sun, gradually becoming brighter. Pocket pinch – $70.

3. Padlette


Source: thegrommet

Tablets can get too cumbersome to carry around, hence padlette. This simplified strap provides an easy grip for any 9 to 11 inch devices. Makes for an amazing promotional product. Pocket pinch – $20

4. AquaNotes


Source: myaquanotes

Never drain away great ideas while taking a shower, instead note them down instantly on AquaNotes, the waterproof notepad which saves your ideas from washing away. Pocket pinch – $7.

5. Costic’s Caffeinated Soap



This amazing soap has the ability to prevent skin cancer and significantly reduce cellulite. Made with pure caffeine, as caffeine contains anti-cancer properties, this sure is the one of the best. Makes for a cool promotional product. Pocket pinch – $5.50 per bar.


2016 is going to be another amazing year of innovation and its crucial for us to understand consumer behaviour. Let’s hope the promotional industry make the best out of innovation in terms of creative utility products.

Say Cheers to New Year with lots of positivity!

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