5 Unique Coast Guard Rescues

Aug 5, 15

From world wars to the Afghan war the US coast guard has been instrumental in saving and guarding numerous lives. While some stories bring tears, there are many that leave us stupefied. Here’s a compilation of most unique rescues by the coast guard in recent times.

1. Coast Guard rescues man trying to run on water

The US coast guard rescued a man who was found 70km off the coast of Miami in a giant bubble who was trying to run through the Bermuda triangle. When the coast guard spotted the giant ball, they found that the marathon runner was exhausted and got stranded.bubble

2. Turtle rescued by the coast guard

The coast guard was intimidated when a suspicious item was floating on water. The operation was of a dig into discovering drugs, instead the crew found two sea turtles entangled in fishing line and makeshift buoy. Without a word, they immediately pulled out operations to rescue the turtles. Both the turtles quickly jumped back to water after the rescue.turtle

3. Deadliest Catch crew member rescue

When the coast guard spotted the man they couldn’t identify the popular discovery channel face. Rescuers were notified when reality show ‘deadliest catch’ crew member collapsed in a fishing boat in the Bering Sea. The team member suffered dehydration and was flown to a remote clinic in Alaska in a chopper under bad weather conditions. One more to cheer the coast guards for their bravery.deadliestcatch

4. Extensive Coast Guard operation during hurricane Katrina

After Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, the Coast Guard dispatched a number of helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, small boats, and Auxiliary aircraft as well as 25 cutters to the Gulf Coast, rescuing 2,000 people in two days, and around 33,500 people in all. The crews also assessed storm damage to offshore oil platforms and refineries. More than 2,400 personnel from all districts conducted search, rescue, response, waterway reconstitution and environmental impact assessment operations. In total, the Coast Guard air and boat rescued more than 33,500 people and assisted with the joint-agency evacuation of an additional 9,400 patients and medical personnel from hospitals in the Gulf coast region.



5. Rescuing a man stranded in Lake Michigan

After six stormy hours of operation the coast guard was able to save a kayaker stranded in Lake Michigan. The man lost his sense of direction and was getting drifted when he was spotted. After filing a missing report by his brother the coast guard went for the rescue.resjpg-4a09883bb0d6da04

Let’s cheer the Coast Guard for their valor and share these inspiring stories!

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