5 Ways How Small Business Owners Can Celebrate Veteran’s Day

Nov 6, 14

veteran day

And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me

You must have heard this greatest song written and composed by Greenwood. If you’ve, then you’d agree to the fact that we take many things for granted including freedom, and often fail to appreciate the sacrifices of the veterans who’ve served and those who are serving our nation to protect its integrity and freedom.

With Veteran’s Day soon approaching, you can take this opportunity to express gratitude, and honor the veterans.

And, if you are a small business owner, here are few ideas how you can pay respect to veterans and celebrate this Veteran’s Day:

1.      Offer them discount on services

Make the veterans feel special by giving them discount on the services or the products that you offer.  If you own a restaurant, you can thank the former or active veterans by offering them discounts or by giving them a free meal.

2.      Help them start a business

Most ex-veterans and particularly those, who’ve lost their limbs and became disabled during war, usually lead a life of struggle. If you can help them lead a self-sufficient life by informing them about franchisors that assist veterans become entrepreneurs, then it would be a true tribute to them.

3.      Support the business owned by a veteran

If you know of veterans living in your neighborhood and running a business, then you can help them promote their business or mentor them.

4.      Ask them to call you if they need help

A majority of veterans are above the age of 65; you can call them and give your number or give them the number of veteran help centers to call, if they need any help.

5.      Arrange a Get together/appreciation dinner

You can show your appreciation and support to veterans by organizing a dinner party and inviting them over.

We at ArtworkServicesUSA express our heartfelt appreciation to all those men and women who’ve served our great country.

As a reminder of their sacrifices we leave you with the trailer of the award winning documentary “Honor Flight” that has inspired millions. It is a story of four World War II veterans and a Midwest. Watch it here:

How are you going to celebrate this Veteran’s Day? Let us know your thoughts.

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