Achieve Success In Your Business With Art And Order Management Services

Sep 4, 14

As a promotional industry supplier, you always aim to offer the best products and services to your customers. However, most of the times, your focus tends to get distracted as you have to manage other behind-the-scenes aspects of your business such as artwork, production order, order processing and more,

These processes are referred to as back office processes and form an integral part of any business.  For effective handling of these tasks, it is essential that you use a reliable application/software. Using an efficient application, you can outsource all back office tasks such as accounting, customer management and inventory to us.

We at ArtworkServicesUSA, armed with years of experience and a team of experts can handle all your back office operations so that you can focus on your business to maintain its competitive edge.

How to Set Up Our Back Office Process:

To take advantage of our services, you need to select your choice of order management system. You can then initiate a back office process by setting up an ifax server mailbox on your system.  All the orders that you receive will be forwarded to this mailbox in an email format.  We will access this mailbox by a remote desktop through VPN connections and will download all orders and save them in predestinated folders on your servers.

These orders will then be entered in client’s ERP system through VPN connections. Each order then goes through a QA proofing process, and after renaming all files on the client’s server, a consolidated email is sent to every client. Easy way to sort and process the orders, isn’t it?

Apart from this, you can avail our key services such as:

1.      Production art:

We know that an artwork reflects company’s ideology and must have the ability to connect with audiences instantly. We provide on demand artwork and meet all your needs across all formats. Our team has the capability to covert rough layouts and sketches into professional artworks for your clients.

2.      Virtual samples

We have worked with over 300 suppliers and understand the uniqueness of each product and the imprint method. Our skilled Photoshop artists take care that the final virtual sample generated is as close to the finished product.

3.      End-to-end order processing including art & proofs

As more and more clients ask for proofs for approval, your team has to deal with the additional burden of work. But, not anymore as our experts will manage the complete proofs approval process on your behalf. Right from proof creation to approval, we will do it all.

Designed to achieve your strategic goals, our effective management services will help you save on time and reduce your operating expenses considerably. So if you are looking for a reliable and experienced company with proven expertise in art and order management services, look no further than ArtworkServicesUSA!

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