Are your mails overflowing out of your inbox? Time to get them sorted!

Jun 10, 15


Beep goes the sound and your smartphone is swooped off its location in no time. Have you ever noticed the number of times you look up your phone in a day? While most of your time is consumed in engaging with some messaging app, responding to your emails take almost half of your time. While you can’t let go of your emails and definitely cannot do away with your smartphone, let’s celebrate effective communication month with some tips to get you sorted with your emails.


First things first

The very first thing you need to do with your mail box is create folders. Create folders by starting with all important things and ending with all the least priority ones. Create folders like bills/payments, job alerts, travel and hotel bookings, etc. For the emails your need to reply with urgently but somehow couldn’t manage time, create a folder for such mails too. Flag the mails which needs a courtesy correspondence. If your job mail and personal mail happen to be the same, create a different folder with the tasks you need to complete.


Replying! The biggest task

Whether or not the job is complete, you must send out an immediate response acknowledging the mail. This practice will help you receive less emails asking for a reply or clarification if there needs to be resolved any, so you can actually prevent one or more mails from coming into your inbox. Make sure your replies aren’t too long. You shouldn’t spend more than a minute to reply mails.


The question of relevance

Not every message that comes flying to your inbox needs to be relevant. Unsubscribe from such emails at once. Some emails lose relevance over time, for example, if you have subscribed to some kind of fashion digest which you no longer follow, the mail becomes irrelevant. So hit the unsubscribe button ruthlessly until you want to follow a close competition maybe.


Turn off alerts

If you are using your email account from a laptop/desktop, turn off the annoying notification that distracts you from the job at hand. It’s healthy to turn off the email notifications on your phone as well. Dedicate sometime everyday to check your mails instead of opening the mail app on your phone, this way you will spend less time staring at your phone screen.


Apply filters

Make sure the message filter option is turned on, if not, got to your email settings and turn it on. You would be able to filter a lot of junk messages coming to your inbox.


Besides you can perform a spam empty activity now and to keep your mail box clutter free. Remember to take action immediately, do not leave any messages unread. Always categorize them as soon as you finish reading a mail.


While everyone has their own set of rules while managing their mails, it’s really difficult to define a guideline. Do share in your comments below if f you have any suggestions.


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