AWS Loyalty Program – Appreciating Customer Loyalty!

May 19, 11

With all the happenings in the promotion industry, April turned out to be a lot more engaging & busy. We introduced some interesting offers at AWS, which got great responses from our customers. Progressing ahead with the same momentum, AWS brings in one more special offer to show appreciation to its customer namely – ‘AWS Loyalty Program’.

Just as promising as it sounds, AWS Loyalty Program is a unique way to do your business. An offer that gives you guaranteed points and loads of benefits as you continue to avail our services.

In short – when a registered member sends an artwork to AWS through its website, he/she gains Loyalty Point that can be redeemed for FREE artwork services up to $50 and could also win you a Grand Prize! Now isn’t that an incredible way to get awarded while you work with us.

In keeping with the spirit of ‘Loyalty Day’ that was on 1st of May, AWS Loyalty Program is a tribute to our customer’s loyalty and we’re celebrating it in a big way! So why wait? Cash in on your loyalty points today and start gaining our benefits & win prizes too!

To know more about the offer, click on the following link:

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