Black Friday Deals Galore On Artwork Services!

Dec 1, 14

Black Friday is here and you must be busy making the list of the things that you intend to buy for yourself and your family. But, have you thought of making the most of this day to gain more visibility for your brand as well? The reason is for any B2B firms, gaining visibility is of utmost importance as people tend to associate themselves with brands they are familiar with.


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So, if you are a business owner and still on the fence about deciding where to get the best quality artwork done for your company, then this is the right time to explore the opportunities as many artwork companies provide their services at never before prices. So, how about making this Black Friday fruitful for your business as well?

At ArtworkServicesUSA, we are offering great deals on our artwork services. Here’s a brief account of our services and special deals:

1.      Vector Art:

Want to get your logo in a correct format or convert raster images, jpegs, pdfs, bitmaps, photos and text files to vector art files; ready for the imprint on the promotional products? Then vector art is what you need to opt for. The high quality images and logo on the promotional products attract the attention of customers and they contemplate seeking services or buying products from that company.

Our vector art services will aid you in saving time and money. All you have to do is send us your jpg, bitmap, gif or any image, which you want to convert to vector art through email and we will do the rest. You get high quality vector graphic at flat $10 only!

2.      Digitizing:

Winter and embroidery makes for a perfect combination, and that is why people prefer items that have some kind of embroidery work on it. And if you are giving away promotional items such as caps, bags or any other apparel to your customers this holiday season, consider putting your logo or message in an embroidery format.

We are expert in converting any type of artwork into an embroidery machine readable digitized format. What’s more, we are offering this service at $9 up to 10000 stitches. Quality and affordability can’t get better than this!

3.      Email Flyers:

There’s no other quick and better way of gaining customers’ attention than with email flyers. Whether you want your potential customers to buy a specific product or seek a range of services, sending out email flyers is like making a clear Call to Action such that it lures your customers to take immediate action without delaying further.

Just send us the reference of the design/data, a web page or any other similar design that you may have liked. It could also be a hand drawn/electronic layout/sketch and we will turn out a design within 48 hours.

This Black Friday, choose our ArtworkServicesUSA and expand your brand’s visibility. For inquiries and to place jobs; mail us at

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