Digital Catalogs from iclic Power: The future is here!

Jun 13, 14

“Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother  of  civilizations, of arts and of sciences.”
– Freeman Dyson, American physicist and mathematician

We live in a world that’s continuously evolving through technology. From the cars we drive to the cell phones we own, innovative evolution has become the key to our prosperity.

Businesses evolve as well. Factories have moved from using manual labor to state-of-the-art equipment that promises greater efficiency and output. Firms use the latest software to deliver solutions that meet complex customer demands. With such a backdrop, the latest revolution to hit businesses is expected. We are referring to the way digital catalogs are transforming how Suppliers and Distributors showcase their offerings in the promotional industry.

Digital Catalogs – The future of product showcasing

For decades, promotional Suppliers have relied on printed catalogs to reach out to Distributors. First, they spend weeks to arrive at the perfect design. They then spend thousands of dollars on having the catalogs printed and sent out to customers by post or courier. But here is the big question – “Does this investment on print catalogs promise good returns?” The answer is definitely a strong NO.  Here is why – we currently live in an era ruled by everything digital. Printed catalogs no longer have an impact like they did before and are becoming obsolete – they are beginning to make no sense at all as marketing tools.

The future lies in digital catalogs from iclic Power. The following pointers highlight the capabilities of iclic Power as a potent tool over print catalogs:

  • Catalogs in minutes. Not weeks

As mentioned above, a truly world-class print catalogs take ages to ideate, design and create. Digital catalogs from iclic Power, on the other hand, takes only minutes to create. Sales teams will be equipped with ready-to-use templates that can create state-of-the art, personalized catalogs in quick time.

  • Catalogs for cents. Not dollars

 The biggest advantage of iclic Power is that it eliminates the cost of printing on paper, thus saving valuable dollars for businesses. It also eliminates postage costs. You can easily send the catalog to thousands at the click of a mouse!

  • Catalogs by segments. And season.

 Usually catalogs feature selection that caters to a certain demography or season. This means creating multiple catalogs frequently through the year. This involves a lot of costs when print catalogs are involved. iclic Power makes this possible without additional costs.

  •  Order off catalogs. Not just offline.

Iclic Power allows your customers to order straight off the catalog. And there’s very little margin of error as far as transactions are concerned.

  • Instant tracking and analytics. Not guess work.

Track what each customer did with the catalog sent to him. Which products did he browse? How long was he on the catalog? Stats like these were never retrieved from print catalogs.

If you deal with a lot of print catalogs, you might want to check out iclic Power. Several businesses have already harnessed this platform’s unique proposition as a marketing tool. It’s time you did as well.

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