Drive Your Business Ahead With Product Information Management (PIM) Solutions

Sep 11, 14

Are you a supplier of promotional products or services? Does majority of your sales come from online traffic?  Then you must certainly be aware how important is PIM solution for your e-commerce business. If not, you should be, because amidst the growing competition, sustaining your position in the promotional industry can become a difficult task.

If your product data is incomplete in your B2B website, your customers will simply find some other site to obtain the products they want.  It will not only cost you sales, but will hamper your credibility, which can have a lasting effect on your brand.

But with ArtworkServicesUSA’s PIM solutions, you can put all your worries to rest. Our multifaceted e-commerce order management services will help you focus on using data rather than managing it.  It can power all your customer-facing websites, catalogs and marketing material.


Other Important Benefits of PIM:

1. On-Boarding New Products

When you introduce a new product, it becomes difficult to incorporate it within different channels such as your catalogs, applications and on your website. The process of on-boarding new products is quite time-consuming, complex and more often it results in high costs and reduced sales.

Our PIM solution offers supply-side tools for quick product on-boarding so that all your new products are displayed across a range of channels.

2. Organizing The Information As A Structured Asset

B2B websites houses several categories as well as classifications to organize their products. But, when you have extensive range of products, managing multiple categories and their classifications becomes a tedious task. Customers may find it difficult to locate the products, which may lead to poor customer experience.

With AWSUSA’s promotional digital multi channel solutions, it is possible to manage the behind-the-firewall product classifications and online categories. The centralized database holds up-to-date product information and retouched images in the right sizes, which will enhance customer experience several destinations such as industry portals, partner sites and distributor portals.

3. Better Rankings For Your Brand On Search Engines

Most entrepreneurs in an effort to save on cost and resources limit SEO only to landing and category pages of the website. However, our PIM solution integrates your product-page with product-data creation so that your products gains higher rankings in search engine sites.

To sum it all, when you use AWSUSA’s advanced PIM solution all your catalogs, websites and partner sites will carry the right information and optimized images, ensuring overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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