Celebrate Father’s Day Better!

Mar 14, 13

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” -Jim Valvano. This is true for most of us. Confidence doesn’t seep into you; it flows, when the only person you look up to since you were born, starts having a strong belief in you. This is a strong emotion, of course it can’t move mountains, but it surely moulds you into a strong character.

Most of us have been lucky that our parents never doubted our decisions. This paved the way for our success and we should be indebted to them for this. We are all busy, either chasing our dreams or running along to maintain our cost of living. You would probably be surprised when you think about the last time you called your father, had a meaningful dialogue with the person who was your ‘last man standing’ all these years. Father’s day is just round the corner, what better occasion than this to acknowledge the respect and love you always had towards your father.

Spending the entire day with your father is obviously a great idea. You coming over at his place at festive times is predictable, imagine his surprise, when you suddenly turn up at his door on father‘s day. Your dad would warmly appreciate this caring gesture.

Do prior planning on how you intend to spend your time with your dad. If possible, accompany your wife and kids to join the celebration.

Consider the following ideas that can add sparkle to the day and make him feel excited and overjoyed:

Just go down memory lane and dig deep! Try to remember all those small things, which he loved. It could be a humble meal of golden nugget fried chicken along with his favorite cheesecake or it could be simply his favorite childhood candy.

This year father’s day comes on a Sunday, which means you could be free from all your official duties. Take him fishing with you. Let him laze around the banks, as you catch some fresh trout’s. If you manage to catch a few, treat him a great recipe of ‘poached trout with herbs. Compliment the exciting food with some premium bourbon. As the evening slowly transcends into the night, the conversation is sure to recall many happy and amusing memories, which you both will enjoy.

Most daughters are the apple of their daddy’s eyes! Dads are more thrilled when they are given a personalized gift. Maybe a sweater/pullover embroidered with the logo of his college football team or his teenage picture imprinted on a beautiful coffee mug. Without any hint of doubt, these are THE wonder presents. Capture his joyous expressions through your camera, as he unfolds his present!

Another novel way of celebrating the day is just lend a helping hand to your dad. Clean the garage, wash the car, refill the groceries or just do anything which needs immediate attention. He is sure to appreciate this!

Do you recollect him watching any TV shows again and again? Do you remember which sidesplitting movie he still enjoys the most? Just buy a bunch of these DVD’s and personalize this wonderful gift as you gift wrap it. This gift makes sure that he has an entertaining time when he is feeling bored or lonely.

All the above pointers are just ideas for the occasion. An old person is like a small kid, handling both of them requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Your father would love a random call or a surprise visit. He will enjoy all the quality time spent with his siblings and grand children’s. All these magical moments and feeling of togetherness will be etched in his memory forever. What more a father can ask for from his children?

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