Get Adventurous This St Patrick’s Day

Mar 5, 15

For some St Patrick’s Day is just about eating corned beef & cabbage and for some it’s watching or participating in the parade. But if you have the adventurous streak in you then read on.


Family history

Dig in your family history. Sit with older members in the family and pen down all the names everyone can remember.  It is believed that there are more Irish men in America than in Ireland which is precisely because of a large number of Irish people relocated to America during the potato famine.  According to the US census, 34.5 million Americans claim to have Irish heritage. You may not find a lineage but it can be a very nice family bonding activity.



Spend quality time with your family with indoor games if you are bored to go to the parades. Play the game of hot potato. Best played with 5 or more players. Sit in a circle with one person sitting in the middle of the circle who will be called as the leprechaun. Start passing the potato around except the leprechaun whose eyes will be closed throughout the game. After few rounds the leprechaun will shout out and say ‘Shamrock’. Whoever is holding the potato at that moment will be out of the game. The last person to remain will become the next rounds leprechaun. If you are soon bored of the game then switch to treasure hunt with gold chocolate coins.


Eat Irish

Did you know corned beef and cabbage is not even Irish? It’s more American as the traditional dish includes bacon. Try out authentic Irish recipes instead. Colcannon and Boxty for instance are two yummy dishes you can try out on St Patricks day. Colcannon is a mashed potato salad tossed in butter and mixed with sautéed cabbage and kale. If you are not too keen for the salad then try this Irish pancake called Boxty. It’s like a savoury pancake and the yummyness is guaranteed.

Ok, so even if after trying all this your heart goes out to the parade then do take a trip 🙂

Let us know how differently you plan to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this year.

AWSUSA wishes you a happy and fun filled St Patrick’s Day in advance!

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