Hop, Skip, Jump between work and home like a PRO : Tips for working Moms

May 6, 15

mothers day

Mother’s Day is round the corner and behind all the sweet sayings, glittery wrapped gifts and the hype by retailers lies the mundane yet intense lives of working moms who juggles priorities between their work place and home.

We know all working moms are doing a brilliant job, but some advice now and then doesn’t hurt :) Read on.


Smart take off

Begin your day with a smart take off. Get up early before your kids. Grab your tea or coffee and get some exercise. Get ready before your kids. Follow the same routine strictly, so that your kids know what to expect. Pre pack lunch and make simple breakfasts. Teach your kids to do things on their own like pouring cereals and wearing clothes.


Free off some time

If you have young kids, try and attend their day care centres once in a while. Plan small parties or volunteer in day care activities. Keep handy the contact numbers of teachers and co-ordinators. If you hire a nanny to look after your kids make sure you interview them well and do a background check. If possible ask your neighbourhood buddy to check on your kids once in a while.  Learn to trust your instincts.


Make evenings happening

Spend each evening happily with your family and kids. Indulge in some indoor activity. Cook quick and simple dinners. You can ask your kids to help you in cooking if they are old enough. Cooking is a great way to bond with your kids. Try to turn off the TV and chit chat over dinner. Dine out occasionally, plan out a week before.


Be the best couple

Share daily chores with your husband. Talk over dinner as much as you can. In case your kids get sick, take a half day leave and let your husband take the latter half of the day. Make lunch dates and plan out ‘we’ time. Watch movies together late in the night during weekends. Make sure you find the root cause when a crisis arise and solve it with a dual approach instead of making responsible any one person.


Me me and me

Life is never too busy to have a cup of coffee with your friends. Call your best buddy and have lunch together. Plan out a weekend trip with your friends if your kids are old enough. Ask your husband to provide support during that time. Don’t forget to pamper yourself with some spa or beauty parlour sessions once in a while.


No matter how much you try, sometime things will get fussy, don’t worry because such is life and Not everything is meant to be perfect. Just remember you are awesome.

Here’s a wishing all the lovely mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day from the house of AWSUSA.


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