How to keep your work sheets and work outs in perfect harmony

May 14, 15

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May is dedicated to National Physical Fitness & Sports Month and it’s not just for the namesake. We all have embraced the sedentary lifestyle and we actively seek out reasons everyday to tell ourselves why it is so inevitable, explaining why we shouldn’t be couch potatoes is no rocket science. With the growing ounce of blubber we flaunt around our waste in the process of earning pots of wealth maybe it’s time we should toss some rules and keep health in the front. No matter how long you work or how intense is your work, you can keep fit with some funny movements while you keep adding to your bank balance.


Skip the lift

The very first thing you can ensure after you have promised to shed a few ounce is take the stairs instead of the lift. If you are fit enough you should be able to climb to the seventh floor without a hitch. Well, if you are lucky to have your office on the second floor, you might trying doing two or three rounds. Sounds too much?


Walk between cubicles

Instead of shooting texts over Skype, try walking up to your colleague and resolving your queries. Skip the mails and trail along the managers cabin, you can also build a good rapport this way, just make sure your trips to his cabin are not often or else it may reflect on your appraisal.


Stand as if punished

While standing amounts to no calorie loss, it’s better than sitting. Sitting for long hours is linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease and elevated risk of diabetes. Try to have standing meetings, explain your juniors and seniors in office how standing is beneficial over sitting. While standing, transfer your body weight from one left to the other in short intervals.



Whether paying gratitude for what you have or praying for a project success, bring your hands together in the Namaste posture and push your palms against each other hard till you feel your muscles pucker up. Repeat till you feel really alive and awake of your slumber post lunch.


From slogger to jogger

Are you slogging after a scrumptious lunch? Leave your seat and hit the trail outside your office, walk or jog if no one is looking around because you would look really funny jogging in a suit. Point is utilise your time effectively.


Under the table

This exercise is the best thing to do while you are seated without catching anyone’s attention. Raise both your legs straight while seated. Move your ankles forward and hold for five to ten seconds. Release and repeat.


We are all ears to hear your excuses!


While you type out your excuses we wish you have a wonderful beginning ‘deskercising’.


We are all proud and fit at AWSUSA and that’s what makes our business thrive. We wish you all a healthy life and flourishing business.

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