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Oct 20, 14

We all know a virtual catalog is great for a promotional industry. It allows the suppliers to put their products right in front of their customers whenever and wherever they want with ease.

With a virtual catalog creator you can create short-term catalog campaigns for a limited time such as for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Black Friday or Christmas. You may also edit existing product details and add new ones to the list in no time.


However, with tech companies incorporating new updates in their customized catalog creators at every drop of the hat, picking the right one seems to be a head-down task for many.

One particular catalog creator may offer enormous features but may lack that one vital element, which may help you generate more orders. While some others may provide you with the exquisite layouts and photography but with so many problems in their functionalities that it may drive away the very business that you are trying to capture!

So, What Do You Do Now?

Well, the first thing that you need to understand is that when you are putting something online, your intention is to attract your target customers. And customers have certain expectations. They want things to be seamless, easy and they expect to get whatever they want with the fewer clicks.

If you make things too difficult for them, they may get frustrated and will leave your site. So, it is important to invest in a catalog creator that will make the most sense. It must help you attract your customers, engage them and make them place their order with you instantly. And, iclic Power designed by ArtworkServicesUSA serve the purpose accurately. How? Read on further.

Reach out to Your Customers with iclic Power

1. Catalogs in minutes and not in weeks

While other catalog creators take ages to ideate, design and create; with iclic Power you can create your interactive catalogs in minutes.

2. Eliminates the cost of printing

With iclic Power, you can save a lot of dollars as it helps you eliminate the cost of printing and postage charges! You can easily send your catalog to thousands at the click of the mouse!

3. Create catalogs by segments and season

Most digital catalog creators feature selection that allows you to create catalogs that caters to a certain season or demography. But with iclic Power, you can create customized catalogs anytime of the year without the additional cost.

4. Instant tracking and analytics

You can track what each customer did with the catalog sent to him. Which products did he browse? How long he browsed the catalog? These sorts of stats were never retrieved from print catalogs ever.

If you want to drive your sales all year round, opt for iclic Power right away. It’s everything that an e-commerce business could possibly want from an online catalog creator!

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