Important Upcoming Events For Your Promotional Campaigns

Sep 12, 12

The United States of America is going to witness several important events in the next couple of months and it is important to plan your strategies around them. ArtworkServicesUSA wants all our readers to gain the most of what can be achieved during this time. Here are some wonderful marketing tips that will help you formulate your monthly marketing campaigns to their best. We have listed some of the most important upcoming events:  

World Heart Day – September 29, 2012: World Heart Day was launched in 2000 to spread awareness across the world about heart diseases, which claims millions of lives each year. It is difficult to not come across a friend or relative who is suffering from a form of heart ailment. Promotional merchandise will play a major role in spreading awareness about heart risks and cardiovascular diseases. By organizing walks and health camps, businesses can do their bit to educate the American public about the right lifestyle to promote a better heart concerns.  

Class Reunion Month – October: October has been designated as the Class Reunion Month. It’s time for old classmates to get together to relive glorious memories from school and college. Promotional products play a major role during class reunions in the form of takeaway souvenirs that will remind participants of the wonderful evening they had.  

National Pharmacy Month – October: In 2004, America celebrated its first Pharmacy Month to spread the role played by pharmacists in the healthcare domain. Over the years, National Pharmacy Month has played a significant role in promoting the proper usage of prescription drugs, vaccines and a healthier lifestyle. Each year, Pharmacies, clinics and hospitals spread the message of better health by distributing promotional merchandise.  

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) – October: NBCAM is a partnership between America Cancer Society and AstraZeneca, the company behind many successful drugs against breast cancer. Established in 1985, NBCAM’s main objective is to spread awareness about the role played by mammography in the war against breast cancer.  

Last Week To Register – October 1-7: The first week of October 2012 is the last chance to register your name as a voter for the general election. We all know the importance of this general election. Several businesses have begun campaigns to ensure that even the last few have registered themselves. Promotional items are used widely play a major role to spread the importance of voting.  

Halloween> – October 31: Businesses promote their services aggressively on Halloween and why not? Halloween is easily America’s most celebrated holiday after Thanksgiving and Christmas. This popular holiday is just not about wearing creepy costumes but also social interaction with people in the neighborhood. Thanksgiving – November 22: Several companies consider Thanksgiving a good time to express gratitude to their cherished employees and clients. We, at ArtworkServicesUSA, couldn’t agree more!  

Christmas – December 25: Easily the most important holiday in America, Christmas is also the time when companies give away unique promotional gifts to their cherished clients and employees. After all, businesses love partaking in the Christmas spirit. 

As usual, ArtworkServicesUSA is determined to provide reliable art services to clients. In our next article, we will share some creative ideas to help you plan your marketing campaign. Stay tuned!

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