Is it time to outsource your Image editing service?

Apr 9, 15


It’s no more a game for the big players to opt for image editing service, a large number of small scale businesses are getting millions of image editing services done every day. The benefits of outsourcing the service has a lot of positive results for small scale business. The idea is to do business but with ease. As the world is going more simplistic with technological advancement, business are relying upon automated software’s that get the job done for you. But that comes with one negative side and that is the software’s  are often not accurate, after all a machine can never completely achieve what a human can as the edited images lack a human touch. Though getting hold of a software is easy, but manoeuvring it is not so. Which means an added cost which will go behind recruiting an expert to operate the software.

If you don’t plan to go for the complexity of banking onto automated software services, then jumping into the game of outsourcing without testing the waters is not advisable.

Let’s look at the things you should keep in mind before you outsource your image editing services:

> Figure out a time span in which you would like to work with your image editing partner.

> Try to determine if the partner has professional references

> Calculate the time you will save for your business by working with your partner.

> Ask your partner if they provide a quality guarantee

> Determine how much money and manpower you will save by working with the partner.

> Very importantly, verify the channels of communication with your partner. Figure out the mode and time of communication

> Ask your partner if they can match the time and quality commitment required to get your job done.

> Lastly, ask your partner about their error handling solutions.


Do the due diligence and think through the partnership after you have all your questions answered, once you have your answers it will be easier to reach out and clinch the deal.

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