Longest Day : Use it wisely

Jun 21, 11

Good Morning!! I woke up to the earliest sunrise today, thanks to my merely protective curtains. I woke up thinking that it must be 7 am, feeling happy about rising up earlier than usual. But to my surprise it was only 5.45 am. So much for my early rising efforts!!

So I’m wondering about the early rising sun today, and my colleague tells me it’s the longest day of the year!! Googled it right away and thought I must share it.

June 21st as we all know is the start of the beautiful summer season and also the Summer Solstice A.K.A longest day of the year. The equator on this day receives 12 hours of daylight whereas we in the Northern hemisphere almost get 14 hours of daylight. So the sun rises earliest in the morning and sets latest at night on this day. These long days go on throughout June, with June 21st being the longest.

Spend the longest and brightest day promoting your summer special offers. You can also use this day to think of new ideas for your summer promotion. It’s the longest day, use it wisely.

My day seems long already and its only 11 am. I guess early rising has its benefits with the amount of work, that I can get complete at home and at work. Feels great!!

Enjoy your long sunny day!!

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