National Animal Safety Month: Tips for pet safety during Halloween

Oct 14, 15

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Our beloved pets are a part of our family, not just a member but they occupy a huge chunk in our heart. For centuries human beings have mastered the art of coexisting with the furry best friends. Pet are like children, they are naughty and needs to kept under surveillance, or else they end up hurting someone or most often hurting themselves. Especially when Halloween is around the corner, folks need to be extra cautious as pets may or may not behave very sane to all the fanfare, scary costumes and noises.


Keep them safe during Halloween with these steps:

  • Keep pumpkins away

Keep all the carved pumpkin and any other vegetable/fruits away from your pets, especially the ones which are lit. Your pet will get attracted to the bright light and would definitely like to check it out. The candles inside can seriously cause injury to their furrry coat, even the electric wires can cause them to trip over.


  • Don’t let them near the main door

Keep your pets calm with some toys to play with in a separate room. On Halloween you will need to attend to the doorbell multiple times greeting strangers. Your pet might get tensed at seeing so many new faces as they are territorial and might as well growl on a few innocent strangers.


  • Rehearsal night

If you plan to put on the scariest costume, make sure your pet gets accustomed to your new ghostly look or else your pet can get really panicky seeing you in the new attire. Rehearsing a day before will make your pets seasoned to your new look and they will not create much trouble on D-day.


  • Keep pets indoors for several days

Halloween is often rumored to be a mysterious day where ghosts can be seen and mysterious deaths happen, some of the stories happen to be true as folks have been reported to kill pet dogs and especially black cats. Your pets may be subject to cruel tricks, so keep them indoors before and after Halloween.


  • Don’t dress them if they aren’t comfortable

Your pet must enjoy the costume you wish them to wear, if you feel they are not enjoying in their outfit then it would be a good idea not to dress them. Try it on  them a day before and let them be in the dress for some time, so you can judge if your pet is comfortable in the costume.


Hope the above tips helps your pets stay safe this Halloween, don’t forget to enjoy with them at the same time.

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