New techniques in Vector Art Screen Printing

Mar 27, 15



Ever wondered the complex process your printed clothes undergo before you get to wear them? Screen printing, the most commonly used method of printing requires a series of complex process to get that color and print just in the right place.
Though we still see the old screen printing methods here and there, with the growing promotional industry professionals have adopted to faster and efficient ways to screen print vectorized logos onto clothes.


InkJet Technology

For instance the inkjet technology has paced up in recent years. The textile industry has seen a significant growth due to the inkjet screen printing method. With inkjet technology overlaid abstract patterns have become possible.
Separation Method
Another method becoming very popular is the separation method. Making your printing method digital serves two purposes. One, it keeps a digital file format, which is ready for printing but may not get printed in the later stage. This saves a lot of raw material required for the printer. ArtworkServicesUSA makes print ready file formats which leaves you with a option of saving the file to be used at a later stage in the process.
This method which provides good quality prints in conventional printing is the method of engraving. This technology can produce good results with halftone engravings, but edge sharpness, which is important for geometrical patterns and contours, suffers from various disadvantages.
The halftone printing method is used where you need seamless, smooth and flowing prints. The halftone dot pattern should be fine and convey an overall halftone effect, even at close visual range. An important prerequisite for this is the fineness of the screen.
The most important part of any logo printing procedure is to first get the logo in vector format. AWSUSA makes complex images to smart printable vector art files.
Which do you think is the best method of printing that delivers great results?

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