Observe safety month with these handy and useful tips!

Jun 27, 15


There goes the famous idiom ‘better safe than sorry’! And what better occasion than the National Safety Month to highlight some out of the box safety tips to keep you intact before the end of the world :)


Safety tips for the household:

-Never build a door with a letter box fitted in the middle of the door; this makes the door easily breakable. Instead attach the mail box on a concrete wall.

– If you are away for a vacation, ask your neighbours to collect the pamphlet advertisements on your behalf. As a strategy, burglars notice whether you pick up the pamphlets to determine if you are home or not.

– Never ever load up your car a night before you travel. Leave the baggage inside. Load them up in the morning. The car can become a quick and easy target.

– Plant thorny shrubs and bushes below lower floor windows. This will prevent thieves from easily accessing the window to get through.

– Try not to keep unused wood or logs beside your house, intruders can easily use them as a step to get in through windows and the higher floors.

– Sleep with the car keys under your pillow. In case you hear suspicious sounds around the house, push the alarm button, the burglar if any would flee terrified.

– Try and keep valuables in your kids room, hidden away in cupboards or elsewhere. The burglars are unlikely to go for the kids bedrooms.


How to be safe outdoors:

– Avoid lonely parking lots at night or just take a u-turn if you spot some suspicious activity.

– Check inside and around your car thoroughly before starting it.

-Never hitchhike or offer a hitchhiker a ride.

– Never park on empty areas, try and park in well lit areas.

– Avoid walking down a lonely road or a less travelled one.

– If you think you are being followed, straight away call the emergency helpline and give them your present location.


Lastly keep your senses receptive enough to detect abnormal situations or behaviours and always rely on your instincts.


AWSUSA wishes you a safe living, because better safe than sorry :)

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