Photographer Appreciation Month: Ten powerful images in ten years

Oct 19, 15

Without them the world would have been a blurred canvas, without them we would have messed all our perfect family portraits, without them it would have been difficult to capture the right emotions. To all of them who just wants that perfect shot, we appreciate all the photographers who captured thought provoking pictures over the period of ten years.

1        2004: Indian woman mourning a relative killed in the Asian tsunami was taken in Tamil Nadu on 28 December by Arko Dutta

2004 (2)

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2     2005: A dove sits on the shoulder of a Mahdi Army soldier standing guard near the ancient Imam Ali mosque. By Khalid Mohammed

2005 (2)

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3     2006: When 2nd Lt. James Cathey’s body arrived at the Reno Airport, Marines climbed into the cargo hold of the plane and draped the flag over his casket as passengers watched the family gather on the tarmac. By Todd Heisler


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4    2007: A lone Jewish settler struggles with an Israeli security officer during clashes that erupted as authorities evacuated the West Bank settlement outpost of Amona. By Oded Balilty


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5     2008: First rays of the rising sun falling on a lone rock. By Darwin Wiggett

Light painted boulder, Red Rock Coulee Natural Area, Alberta, Canada


6   2009: Seventy-five feet (23 meters) under Bonaire’s Caribbean waters, a peppermint shrimp lurks inside a branching vase sponge. By William Goodwin


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7   2010: Flood victims attempt to reach for food supplies in Dadu, Pakistan under the shadow of the helicopter. By Daniel Berehulak

Flood victims scramble for food rations as they battle the downwash from a Pakistan Army helicopter during relief operations on September 13, 2010 in the village of Goza in Dadu district in Sindh province, Pakistan. Over six weeks after flooding began, new devastation continues across the Sindh province of Pakistan, as flood waters, still on the rise, continue to overcome new villages. The country's agricultural heartland has been devastated, with rice, corn and wheat crops destroyed by floods. Officials say as many as 22 million people have been effected during Pakistan's worst flooding in 80 years. The army and aid organisations are struggling to cope with the scope of the wide spread scale of the disaster that has killed over 1,700 people and displaced millions. The UN has described the disaster as unprecedented, with over a third of the country under water. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

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8   2011: A single mother raising five children in a single room apartment. By Barbara Davidson

Josue HerculesÕ mother, Wendoly Andrade, says, ÒI do not know what will happen to my sonÕs life.Ó Six months after the shooting, JosueÕs father moved out, leaving his mother to balance JosueÕs increased needs with those of her other four children. In this photo, from left, Josue, Katherine, Kevin, Kimberlin and Oscar share a one-bedroom apartment with their mother. Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times


9    2012: Split Second category: Dancing Queen by Tobias Bräuning.



10    2013: two brothers killed in a strike by Israel. By Paul Hansen


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