Expressing Through Images!!

Mar 22, 13

The internet is abuzz with the popularity of a new social media network. It’s fun, entertaining, addictive and expressive. It’s called Pinterest. If images and photographs fascinate you and if you like to relate your personality with them, Pinterest is for you! A recent research carried out by, a visual data company, revealed that Pinterest hit 10 million US unique monthly users faster than any independent website.

Pinterest gives you the freedom to get connected with people having the same interests and passion as you have. You can pin/post all your loved images on your pinboard. A pinboard is like your visual canvas, a collection of your emotions and attitudes. The best part of Pinterest is that you can categorize your images and label them. This helps people in filtering images as they browse by your profile. They can view, comment or like an image. But what’s really amazing about this social site is that people can repin your image onto their profile. This action fuels more people to get linked with your images. Isn’t that amazing? Apart from this, you can post webpage’s and videos too!

So next time you want to share your tiny tot’s picture playing on the field or a newly bloomed flower in your backyard or your dream car or a creative mosaic, do it on Pinterest! You will be overwhelmed by the responses you get.

Thanks to Pinterest, many businesses are acquiring appreciable visibility and referral traffic. Since no one misses a brilliant photograph, traditional methods such as posting product images often lead curious consumers to your website. But it’s important to remember when on Pinterest, you have to maintain an emotional quotient with your followers. An enthusiastic pinboard content and frequent indulgence with members ensures that your products are noticed and sold. Communicating with your followers on non-promotional topics definitely helps in maintaining a long-lasting relationship with them. Researching about people’s preferences, behaviour and comments will help analyse the best ways to promote your products.

Be it showcasing your silliest of interest or the best of your products, Pinterest makes the optimum use of social media to reach out to maximum number of people. Individuals meet more like-minded people and businesses gain more customers. Pinterest users can share images on social media networks such as Twitter and Face book as well.

Post images, search images, repin images and experience the magic of images. This is what Pinterest is all about!

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