Sukkot –‘The Season of Rejoicing’ Is Here

Oct 9, 14

How many times have you come across the word ‘Sukkot’ in the past few weeks? Many times right? That is because ‘Sukkot’ which is one of the most joyous festivals of Jews is starting from Wednesday, October 8. This eight-day long festival ends in the evening of Wednesday, October 15.


Traditionally, Sukkot marks the ending of the 40-year odyssey of sufferings and wanderings of Jews in the barren deserts after their escape from the Egyptian bondage. This festival is also associated with the harvest festival and is at times referred to as ‘the festival of ingathering’.

The word ‘Sukkot’ refers to ‘Sukkah’ which was used as a small temporary dwelling by Jews during their 40 years sojourn of wandering. To recall those times, Jews put up ‘Sukkah’ in the front yard of their houses and spent their time there, welcoming guests, serving food and praising the god.

Although celebrated by the Jews worldwide, the significance of this festival has also increased among the people in the US. You can celebrate this festival by creating a ‘Sukkah’ in your back yard or front yard along with your kids and family members. Try this; it would be a good learning and fun experience!

Inherit Message

As per the Jewish teachings, joy holds a very important place in our lives.  It has an amazing power to break down all the obstacles and boundaries. Also, the inherit message of this festival is that we often commemorate big things that happen in our lives but fail to apprehend that for majority of the days we are always wandering. And for Jews, wandering doesn’t mean aimlessness; it is the time for preparation and to reshape ourselves for our better tomorrow.

We at ArtworkServicesUSA wish you all a happy and joyful Sukkot!

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