Thanksgiving Day 2013: The Right Time To Thank Our Customers

Nov 19, 13

    Thanksgiving Day 2013: The Right Time To Thank Our Customers

A majority of American households have a Thanksgiving tradition they have cherished for years. Most of them will have an interesting anecdote to share – whether it’s waking up at sunrise on Thanksgiving Day to cook the meal, traveling to a loved one’s place for Thanksgiving or memories of watching the annual Thanksgiving Day parade. Its special moments like these that make Thanksgiving all the more special!

A lot of our clients will be looking forward to a 4-day holiday weekend and a delicious feast featuring stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. We wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and a jolly good time with family!

At ArtworkServicesUSA, we believe that Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to show some appreciation for our customers. Over the years, we have worked with some really wonderful customers who believed in our ability to deliver quality results on time. Always.

And what’s a better way to show our appreciation than reminding you of the exciting offers we have ready for you! Visit to explore the amazing deals we have on Vector Art, Image Editing and Digitizing services. Also check out our offer on bulk images.

Among the many customer-friendly measures taken by us include a brand new website with easier navigation. The site was revamped after taking inputs from our esteemed customers. Our web pages now load faster – customers can have a superior browsing experience while checking out our services, discounts and offers.

We have also witnessed an exponential increase in the number of jobs performed by our team. In order to keep up with the pace of work, we have scaled up operations and given a boost to our team size. We have recruited the best from the design world to give you solutions that are a class above the rest.

We look forward to a continued association with you. And we will be on hand during holidays and special events to offer you the best discounts and deals.

Thanks for the constant support. Enjoy the holidays!

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