This Thanksgiving, What Would You Be Grateful For?

Nov 24, 14


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The day of reflection, feasting and expressing the gratitude-The Thanksgiving is going to be soon upon us. Since, we all have different approach towards life; it can be quite a challenge for each one of us to have an outlook of gratitude.

This is particularly true in case of individuals, who can’t get away with negativity, bitterness, pride, selfishness or self-pity and who are always complaining. For such people, an attitude of gratitude can change the things considerably and will transform their life for good.

And with Thanksgiving around the corner, why not take this opportunity to foster this brilliant approach of thankfulness and gratitude in our lives.

Here are 10 things you can be grateful this holiday:

1.       Family

It doesn’t matter whether you are close or far away from your family; just take some time out to think about what your brothers, sisters and parents mean to you. Appreciate all the good things about them. Organize a Thanksgiving dinner party and invite your family members over. If you stay away from your parents and siblings, call them and thank them for everything they have done for you.

2.       Your strength

Take a moment to appreciate what you have achieved or how you endured the rough times and came through it. Acknowledge your strengths as it can lead to more good things.

3.       Friends

Have you ever thought what would be your life without friends? Boring, right? They share your joys and sorrows, tell your mistakes, make you feel happy…Send them a bouquet or text them telling how much you value their friendship.

4.        Health

Without a good health, it would be impossible to achieve the major goals in life. So, don’t take your health for granted and, make efforts to improve your fitness. Even if you are not hale and hearty at present, be grateful for what you have right now.

5.       Opportunities

Look back at the last few months, and be grateful for the opportunities that you got and which culminated into success.

6.       Change

We all know that change is a constant phenomenon but it is equally true that a majority of people are afraid of change. Change isn’t always bad; think about the good changes that happened in your life over the last few days.

7.       Memorable Conversations

How many of you truly appreciate interesting and engaging conversations that you had recently? Recollect any conversations, which you had with your colleagues, friends, family members or even strangers. A one or two-minute conversation with a stranger can touch your life and change it for good.

8.       Help in disguise

Have you received help from someone you had never expected? Or that you never realized it then. If you are in touch with people, who helped you, then this Thanksgiving Day, express your gratitude towards them.

9.       Painful lessons

It is often said that harder the lessons learnt; growth will be more fruitful. Be grateful for the hardships you have faced and lessons you have learnt in life. It will help channelize your growth and will help you come out as a winner.

10.   Fresh Starts

Fresh starts help you view your life from a different perspective. Whether it’s in a relationship, job or an accident, fresh start gives you a reason to begin your life more enthusiastically. Also, how about starting each day on a fresh note? It would also be a fresh start. When you wake up each morning, tell yourself you are grateful for this wonderful day!

We at ArtWorkServicesUSA wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Also, let us know how you are going to celebrate this day. We would love to know!

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