Tips To Maximize Your E-Commerce Sales on Cyber Monday

Nov 24, 14

cyber monday

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Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day, is just around the corner. So, if you want to boost your e-commerce sales, this is the time you start planning for it. What’s more, as per the research by comScore, online sales on Cyber Monday reached $1.735 billion in 2013, which is almost 18 percent up as compared to 2012’s figures. Also, trade experts believe that this year, the figures will surpass $2 billion mark!

Early promotions help pull some dollars as there’s intense drive among the shoppers to buy products during this day. Consumers look out for great deals and usually wait for this time of the year to make important purchases. So, capitalize on this day and make the Q4 memorable as well!

Here are 4 tips to help you roll your e-commerce sales:

1.       Deals too good to ignore

Decide which services or products you are going to promote. However, maintain a fine balance when giving a deal or bargain to the consumers, because if you are giving away too much, it will put-off your customers and will make them wary about your brand. You may offer flat % off on all products/orders, provide free delivery on certain spend, or give some % off on specific products only throughout the day.

2.       Put banner on your homepage

Your website is the place where your customers visit often to make a purchase. Put a banner on the landing page informing customers about the discount.  Also, put banners across all social media sites to let your customers know about the offer. Since, it will appear in the timelines and feeds of these sites, it will constantly remind your followers about your products.

3.       Make most of email database

If you have a significant email database, send emails or flyers to your existing customers informing them about the Cyber Monday offers. Use a snappy subject line and an appealing image in the flyer and put a link directing it to the relevant page on your website.

4.       Paid ads

You can promote your products through paid ads so that people who search for related items will be able to locate your products and make purchase. This type of campaigning proves useful to entrepreneurs who don’t invest in PPC campaigns.

5.       Response in a timely manner

Make sure you engage with individuals, who contact you or send messages to you via social media websites. Make it a point to respond your customers within 1 hour.

To conclude, whether its deals, products or services that you offer to the individuals, make sure they provide value to your customers as a customer must be loyal to your brand for long, not just for one day.

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