Why Suppliers Outsource Image Editing Services?

Nov 20, 14

In the present world, people are drawn to images instantly and, hence relevant and attractive images serve as great marketing tools. Whether it’s your website, email flyer, a billboard or virtual sample, a good quality image helps you display your products or services to the customers in the best possible way.

However, every image cannot be ideal as most of them need digital modifications to attain that perfect look. Hence, it would be wise to outsource your images to an organization that excels in image editing services.

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Outsourcing your photos to image editing services will help you leverage the following benefits:

1.    Focus on Core Functions

If you are a supplier in promotional industry and choose to outsource non-core activities such as image editing to an organization, you can focus on the core functions such as marketing and sales. By focusing on increasing the productivity, your business can become more successful, efficient and you would be prepared to tackle the market challenges more efficiently.

2.   Reduces Overhead Costs

By outsourcing image editing services, you can save on the cost of recruitment, infrastructure and technology as these factors accounts to massive capital expenditure. What’s more, organization such as AWSUSA provides secure FTP id and password for each client so that you can be assured of confidentiality and security.

3.   Explore New Competencies

Since, you would be entrusting the task of image editing and related services to a service provider, it will be in charge of managing the workforce for you. The flexibility to select the staffing, hire photo editors and graphic artists based on their skills and experience rests with you.

4.    Quick Turnaround Time

These service providers have a large pool of talented designers, who work on the latest tools and round the clock to produce digitally enhanced images at quick turnaround time. So, getting reliable output with fast turn times for important orders is now possible.

Here’s the brief overview of AWSUSA’s image editing services:

  • Product Image Editing

We remove backgrounds from product photographs; optimize images for web, enhance/clean up product shots and more.

  • Clipping Path

It doesn’t matter whether your images are simple or complex, we offer fully hand-drawn clipping paths and masks services so you get the highest quality images ready for print.

  • Product Templates/Mockups

We handle all your one time or irregular studio work including getting product images ready for print and web, virtual samples and template creation.

  • Dedicated Studio

Use the expertise of our production artists to review final designs and layouts of your art files. Whether you want to get rid of defective imaging or scale, crop, retouch, reposition or simply wish to format your images, we have dedicated teams that work exclusively for you.

So, if you are looking to get the perfect images, choose ArtworkServicesUSA! Contact us today with your requirements and we will be glad to meet it in no time.

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