Women in business: Walking the path of success with a dream

Oct 7, 15

It’s been long enough since women have picked up the attache and dropped the laundry, closing the gender gap inch by inch in the work place. Women have been equally ambitious as men, but societal norms always held them back to express themselves freely. From technology to literature, women have pioneered many important roles in the past and they increasingly continue to do so in the future.

The second week of October is dedicated to ‘Women in Business’, we celebrate some magic minds from the pages of history who excelled in their forte:

Elizabeth Arden (1910)

earden_perfumesociety.orgBefore becoming the most favored brand by women, Elizabeth Arden worked as a nurse, she drew her inspiration from the creams that were used to heal burns. She was one of the first women to feature on the cover of Times Magazine. After the great depression, Elizabeth Arden was among the top three companies which stood strong.

Clara and Lillian Westropp (1922)

clarawestropp_nwhmorgThe first financial institution run by women was opened by Clara and Lillian Westropp in Ohio. They believed in upholding customer loyalty by providing them with financial solution and their integrity towards the customers. The bank was re-established as Women Federal Savings & Loan and it was later acquired by Charter One Financial.

Pauline Trigere (1942)

pauline_pinterestShe was known as America’s Coco Channel. Pauline along with her husband moved base from Paris during the unrest caused by Hitler. She soon launched a fashion brand which dominated American fashion in the coming years. Both celebrities and non—celebrities adorned her fashion. She was the first designer to appoint an African-American model during the civil rights movement and whoever cancelled their orders were gravely disregarded by her.

Sandra Kurtzig (1974)

sandra kurtzigKnown as the first lady of computers, Sandra Kurtzig believed in taking risks. She founded ASK computer systems and developed an inventory control software which was later adopted by Hewlett-Packard. She went onto launch a cloud based manufacturing software company which became the first female run business to go public.

Caterina Fake (2004)

caterina fakeCaterina Fake developed the first photo sharing portal which we know as Flickr, later on acquired by Yahoo for $35m. She believes that it’s not too late in the tech front and entrepreneurs should start building early. She also found an exciting website called Findery which invites users to write virtual note on a world map for other users to see.

The last century saw women who came a long way to find themselves in equal steads with their male counterparts. From closing the pay gap to braving the entrepreneurial front, more and more women are proving that they can be as ambitious as any other business person.

Women who made us proud in 2014.

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