10 Inspirational Brochure Designs that you need to see before you plan your design

Jul 31, 15

Marketing is a competition for people’s attention, said marketing guru Seth Godin. Brands compete on various forefronts, but the visual always wins hands down. No marketing strategy is complete without powerful graphics. The graphical representation of what your company is all about should be expressed through effective means of communication. Designing a powerful communication always speaks volumes about your product. Every product and services is unique and hence the design must adhere that best represents your business. Brochure and flyers acts as a first-hand information booklet that your prospective clients may find useful.

Here are 10 great graphic designs you can draw inspiration from:

1. A4 Brochure – Mineral Kat

a4 brochure_mineralkat

2. A5 Brochure Catalog – AB Design

a5 brochureorcatalog_fashion

3. Corporate Brochure – Ravi Engineering

corporate brochure_ravi engineering

4. Corporate Buisness Plan – Silver Sakuracorporate business plan_silver sakura

5. Digital Pro Magazine

digital pro magazine

6. Self Promotion Campaign Brochure – Jean Gouraud

self promotion campaign brochure_john baptist gouraud

7. Square Brochure – Spaces

square brochure_Spaces

8. Super Cars Asia9. Trifold Brochure – Azlan


supercars asia

tri fold brochure_azlan

10. Jewellery Showcase by ArtworkServicesUSA


Don’t settle for any less than the best design that goes with your product aligned with your company’s views and goals.

ArtworkServicesUSA has a team of designers who has been making mind blowing designs for clients for decades, a team who understands your requirement and adheres to your brief strictly. See the gallery for the best brochure and flyer designs.

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