5 Promotional Products To Make 2014 Memorable For Your Customers

Dec 30, 13

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Supplier or a Distributor – having the right promotional giveaway is important to spread the word about your business. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before going for a promotional product:

i. What does a giveaway signify to my business?

ii. What role should giveaways play in my marketing campaign?

iii. How often should I distribute giveaways?

iv. Do I view giveaways as ambassadors of my business?

v. Am I willing to spend significantly on giveaways?

Do you have satisfactory answers to the questions above? If yes, then you are fully geared to take on giveaways as representatives of your brand. We have compiled a list of promotional item categories that can do wonders for your business. Go to a website selling promotional merchandise and choose a product that complements your branding requirements. Here is the top 5 list as chosen by AWSUSA:


  1. Tshirts: Considered to be among the most popular giveaways, tshirts offer quality visibility for your business like never before. Go for an attractively colored and imprint it with your logo and message. Distribute it among your cherished customers and employees.
  2. Pens: There is no doubt about the handy nature of pens. They can be used at offices and homes, giving quality visibility for your brand. The more attractive the pen is, the higher chances of it being used by your recipients for a long time.
  3. 2014 Planners: Help your recipients get organized through the year by gifting them quality planners. Your recipients can stay on top of tasks, while these planners serve as the perfect ambassadors of your brand.
  4. Stress Relievers: Stress relievers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose a fun-looking reliever for your business. The wackier they look the better chances of getting noticed by those around.
  5. USB Flash Drives: Help recipients save and move important files between their homes and offices. You will love the variety of sizes and storage capacities on offer!

Wish you a memorable marketing campaign for 2014 from all of us at AWSUSA! And we look forward to offering you 24 Hour Artwork services all through the year.

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