5 Reasons Why Start-ups Fail

Jan 28, 14

For every successful entrepreneur, there are several others whose businesses fall by the wayside. What is the reason why a lot of companies fail to have the desired impact in the business world? We, at AWSUSA, have compiled a list of 5 pointers you must remember while starting out on a business:

1. A business is not a hobby!: A part-time farmer in Albuquerque earned significant returns through the vegetables he grew in his farm. He was lucky to gain monetarily by pursuing his hobby. But not all entrepreneurs are farmers. Most of them are businessmen who are directly competing with other serious competitors in the industry.

So it’s important to buckle up and take things more seriously.


2. Don’t forget to have a long-term business strategy in place! Most new start-ups make one grave mistake – they haven’t done adequate research and failed to prepare a long-term strategy. The problem with this is that they aren’t sure where their business should stand after 3-4 years.

3. Diversification is the key to your business! If you do a study of unsuccessful businesses, you will realize that they failed to expand their product range or make their offerings more attractive. Customers get bored too easily – make sure your products are appealing enough to cater to the ever-changing needs of your target audience.

4. Be patient with expectations: A lot of entrepreneurs make a common mistake – they expect the moon after a year of launching their business. But this is not how things work. It does take a lot of time for a new business to take off successfully.

If things go as desired, you can expect significant returns after 2 years of launching your business.

5. Spend well on marketing and branding: Hire the right people to market your brand. Make sure your products/services reach out to the audience of your choice in the right manner. Use websites, social media and print advertising to have the desired impact. Remember that your marketing efforts amount to nothing if you are not able to establish a connect with the right people.

How well is your business doing? Hope the above pointers will help take your business to a totally new level.

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