5 Tips To Keep Customer Defections At Bay

Mar 24, 14

Customer loyalty is a key contributor to a company’s consistent sales and growth. If you manage to keep your customers happy with quality products and services, your business stands to gain in the long run. However, for most businesses, customer defection is a harsh reality they have to deal with. This article lists 5 tips to keep customer defections at bay.

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Tip #1 – Don’t Give Your Customers Any Surprises!

Nobody likes being taken for a ride. Steer clear from hidden charges or anything that can take your customers for a ride.

Tip #2 – Be Open To All Kinds Of Feedback

If you notice, there are two kinds of customers – the satisfied and the grumpy ones. The grumpy ones will leave you if you don’t listen to their grievances. Pay attention to what they have to say about your products/services. Rectify issues before it’s too late.

Tip #3 – Monitor Competition

Do you keep a tab on your competition and the pricing they offer their services at? Because your customers certainly do.  Make sure your prices are competitive enough to take on the best in the industry.

Tip #4 – Be consistent

Consistency is rarely talked about when it comes to businesses. But it’s an important factor. Make sure there is no drop in customer service or product quality.

Tip #5 – Evolve With Your Customers

Customer needs keep changing. It’s important that you have a pulse on their needs and identify areas of improvement for your services/products. By transforming your business to suit their needs, you are portraying yourself as a flexible business entity.

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