A Few Interesting Tips on Marketing Strategy

Aug 19, 13

“How do I get more customers? How can I boost sales rate? What do customers really want? Wave your magical wand and you get answers. Wait! Come back to reality. No magic can help you get the answers for these haunting questions. You need a unique marketing strategy for your business, whether you are one of the distributors or suppliers of tangible products or interesting services. Maybe you are a successful marketer, but you cannot claim that there is nothing more to learn. If you are ready to keep your mind open and be receptive to knowledge, take a look at these tips on marketing strategy.

Be a Centaur
Marketing has nothing to do with mythology. All I mean by “being centaur” is to acquire the uniqueness of this mysterious creature. Centaur is a symbol of distinctiveness and mystery. People are compelled to notice something that they have never seen or heard of before. Play around with words, images, and videos to make sure that the consumers go crazy for what you provide. Be brave enough to experiment with your marketing strategy. You may have chosen a few techniques like outbound marketing, newsletter marketing, tradeshows, promotional giveaways, and social media marketing from the endless possibilities that you have at stake. Regardless of what it is, add an exclusive flavor to it.
Even though it sounds fun, it is not quite easy to transform a common strategy to a unique one. Don’t raise your eyebrows please. I did not say that it is impossible. If you are selling a common product like a water bottle or a pen, highlight its exquisite looks. Artwork services can imprint the marketing message, the logo, and the name of your brand on the products to make it a visual delight.
Sounds simple? Well, it is indeed. You have gained the distinctiveness of a centaur. Now, spread the word about your business cleverly.

Embrace Guerrilla Marketing Techniques
What on earth is Guerilla marketing? The term evolved from “guerilla warfare” which includes the unconventional warfare tactics like ambushes, sabotage, and raids. So, if you want to take a break from the traditional marketing strategies, embrace this with high energy and enthusiasm. Use your creative excellence to design a low budget marketing strategy.
Use of promotional products for branding is a guerilla tactic. What would you prefer – to “think outside the box” or gift something that fits in a box to your customers? The latter would help you achieve your business goals at a quicker pace. This would work well only if you gift something useful and irresistible to your potential targets. Using promotional products is a win-win marketing strategy. While you receive an opportunity to create a brand identity, your customers will be happy about the free stuff that they get. Let them know that you care. How can they turn down your offer when you are so generous?

Remove Your Invisibility Cloak
Poor marketing strategy is an invisibility cloak that prevents your potential targets from finding you. Make sure that your business is found when they are searching for what you sell. It takes time and effort to design a marketing strategy and implement it. Invest your time to actively monitor the niche industry, identify the best business opportunities, and make use of it. Create compelling advertising campaigns, focus on Search Engine Optimization, and engage in Social Media Marketing. Track down the consumer behavior to make sure that your marketing strategy makes you visible to them.
Unconventional marketing strategies can always complement the existing campaigns. You don’t have to worry about being different from others. The promotional industry accepts a jack of all trades.
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