A Magic Wand To Bridge The Time Gap Between Contemplation And Conversion

Mar 13, 15


There goes a famous quote, “What we see depends on what we look for” said John Lubbock once.  How does the idea of empowering your distributors with a visual aide for what they want to pass on to the end customer, sound like? If the idea is intriguing enough, read on.

We are not talking about some obscure software here,  but a powerful web-app loaded with tools to convert a figment of your imagination into visually appealing samples. Often times people hesitate from buying online only due to the fact that they are unable to visualize how the product would actually look like. There is an inherent loss of attention in the online selling business. The user always has the liberty to go check out other competing products. This leads to contemplation, which then leads to confusion and ultimately very little chance that your product would be chosen if a sale takes place at all. Mind you, whichever line of business you may be in, a website is proof that you are trying to sell something. If its not a product, it is a service and if not that then something else, but there is definitely the need to sell something.

This tool could potentially cut the time between visit/view and conversion short by precisely addressing this issue of contemplation.  Adding PromoVirtuals to your marketing mix-advocates not only for a faster conversion but will put you on top of your distributor’s preferred suppliers list. This virtual sample tool enables distributors to market a supplier’s merchandise to its customers with a virtual look alike of the end product, and believe it or not, in most cases it is always better than what they had imagined. Go ahead, crack the code and climb the ladder to success while your competition is still straying behind. To know how PromoVirtuals can significantly accelerate your sales process, check out the of the web-app here


Take a call today as your decision could add a real star to your marketing strategy. One that helps you reach out to your distributors and by effect your end users faster than ever before.

Some of the possible use cases are as follows:

– Address enquiries with swift virtual samples;
– Create proactive virtual samples for your distributors with their logos on your products;
– Create proactive virtual samples for your distributors with end customer logos for your distributors to target quickly etc.

We are keen to hear your feedback, do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!



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