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May 29, 15

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If you have been wondering how a virtual sampling tool works, you have stumbled upon the right article. All you queries are jotted down below for a quick read.


Q. What are virtual product sampling tools/products?

A. Virtual samples tools are applications/softwares that allows you to pre determine how a design or a logo will look imprinted on a particular product virtually before you decide to get the product physically printed.


Q. To what extent are they used by product manufacturers.

A. As a virtual sampling software saves time and manpower they are being used extensively, especially in the promotional industry. Anyone requesting a sample gets to look at the end product before it is actually processed. A virtual sampling tool easily enables you to set any logo or design imprint on any product.


Q. Can I use a vs tool from a tablet?

A. Before you sign up for a virtual sampling tool, one thing you need to make sure is its compatibility on other devices. Also look for operating system compatibility. A good virtual sampling tool should work with pc and Mac. If it works with ios and android tablet then it is an added advantage as you can create instant virtual samples on the go.


Q. Is there a one click send email option available for all the samples I create?

A. A good vs tool should come with a email button. With the email button you can make communications faster and thereby reduce the life cycle of the transaction.


Q. Can I get multiple logos on a single product?

A. Usually a vs tool allows you to imprint multiple logos and also text imprints. However the file size must be kept on mind while selecting a logo.


Q. Do I need a some special skills to operate the software?

A. A vs tool should be easy to operate. A vs tool involves no rocket science, hence it is just like a regular app and requires no special skill set. If you have a basic understanding of how a computer work then you should be able to operate it easily.


Q. Which image formats are supported in a vs tool?

A. An efficient vs tool allows you to upload files across all popular image formats such as jpeg, png, gif, eps, pdf, etc.


Q. How real are the samples that I create look like?

A. The end images should look like high quality photographed images, however this varies from one software to another. Go for the one which delivers high quality images as you may need to print a large amount of the images to send to clients. A high quality image always helps.


Q. Are the samples printable?

A. The question is somewhat rhetoric. Yes, the images produced by a vs tool are printable images but as mentioned before the images must be high quality ones if you printing them for clients.


Q. What are the type of imprint techniques that I can use on a vs tool?

A. A vs tool offers a range of imprint techniques. Apart from regular ones like emboss, deboss, screen printing, if any vs tool is offering more options then it is a cherry on top of the cake. A good vs tool should give advanced options like etching, laser engraving and multiple color prints.


Q. What is the ideal cost of using a virtual sampling software?

A. The cost largely depends on your usage. One virtual sample should ideally cost between $1.6 to $2. You may initially have to spend zero as some virtual sampling tools comes with a free trial for the first few days.


Do let us know if you have more queries about a virtual sampling tool, meanwhile you can check out the newly launched virtual sampling tool – Promo Virtuals and get a free trial.


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