Are Brochures & Flyers the next best accelerators of your business?

Apr 22, 15


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”  said Edgar Degas once. And that’s precisely what you do when you send out a communication to your valued clients. So when we talk about communicating, we mean the hot buttons you are activating by sending out a powerful message. A message that’s an instant eye catcher. And that eye catching communication is the forte of the artist.


Basics of designing

Let’s begin with the basics of creating an effective communication – mainly Brochures and Flyers if you happen to be in the promotional industry.

Firstly, it needs to be creative, have no doubt about that. Secondly, the content needs to be friendly and genuine. Lastly, it has to address the target audience within the four squares, and that is why the first step in making an effective communication is to first figure out the target audience. The target audience can be anything based on its demographic, behavioural factors, etc. Pin point a clear message you want to give your customers. The message would be based on what you want your customers to think about you.


Take it off your head

Designing your own brochure and flyer is not a good idea for the sole reason that it will take a toll on your resources as you need skilled people to create, manage and monitor the designing process.  Always, look out for an expert individual or an agency to do your job. When you let the expert agency to take care of the job not only do you get the best of designs but also accountability for the job done. An agency is in a much better off position as they are into the business and knows their job well.


How to close on the best agency for your brochures and flyers design

An agency should not only be good at what it does but it should have a prior knowledge about your industry. Your next step should be to look at the team of artists. Ask your agency at how good your artists are at understanding your requirements, determine their image recreation ability from past works. Lastly, check their problem solving ability. As agencies work from a different location, errors may take place. Figure out what solutions they provide in case of a faulty communication.


At Artwork Services USA we have a team of art services designers who creates high quality pdf, flip and print brochures. We also design creative and attractive pdf, print and email flyers. We believe in uniqueness and we make sure that every product has its own special identity. Originality and industry expertise is our key strengths.

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