Bring out the environmentalist in you on World Environment Day with these 7 tips

Jun 5, 15

Is the environmentalist peeking out and seeking greenery? Your answer may be negative but it sure won’t hurt to bring in the green revolution within you.  We all live in the hustle bustle of concrete jungles and finding a green pasture is almost like finding a fish without fins. We have penned down some simple DIY projects you can undertake while you still muddle with your busy urban life. Today is World Environment Day and count this as an excuse 🙂


Reusable sandwich bags

sandwich bags

Say no to plastic wraps and brown paper. Go green with re-usable sandwich pouches. Make your own or get one from the stores. These bags are made from soft fabric and can be safely washed in the dishwasher.


Re-grow herbs and veggies


Never run to the stores again, save the bottom portion of celery and place it in water half immersed. You can do the same with spring onions, cabbage, romaine lettuce and bok choy. You will notice spring onions growing the fastest.


Re-cycled furniture

suitcase chair

Turn old tyres into trendy stools and chairs. Sew heavy duty nylon threads across to make a net like structure. You can always replace the threads if they get damaged. You can also turn vintage suitcases into fashionable one seater sofas. Get some local help to get the upholstery done.


Ice cream stick bird feeder

ice cream stick bird feeder

Birds fluttering around always looks lovely. make a bird feeder by pasting wooden ice cream sticks to form a square and hang it outside. Fill it with grains and in no time you will have a bevy of birds feeding on them. Plan more trees around the feeder so that they can rest as well.



Tin can gardens

tin can gardens

Have old food tins? Simply paint them and make small holes. Fill it with mud and plant creepers. Hang outside the house or the fence.


Light bulb pots

light bulb gardens

Re-cycle old bulbs and turn them into beautiful miniature gardens. Open the bottom of the bulb and remove the wire. Put some mud in the filament and plant one or two springs of small plants with the roots intact. Hang them on indoor walls and watch how beautiful they grow.


Glow in the dark pathways

glow in the dark pathways

This is best way to save on electricity and get creative. Paint your outdoor pathways in fluorescent colours begging from the doorstep till the gate. You will be amazed to see how beautifully they glow in the night.

Take the leap of greenolution and see how close you feel to the nature.


We at AWSUSA have already taken the initiative to go green with our creative digital artwork, have you?


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