Can you imagine! the full month of April is dedicated to Stress Awareness?

Apr 17, 15

Well, Why not? Stress has become a concerning issue with our current, modern & urban lifestyle.  While, your stress may or may not be work induced, a big part of its’ share comes from work itself. It can lead to a lot of chronic effects; not just on your body, but your mind as well. One of its major effects at work is procrastination, which in turn causes stress too!

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Try to work on the following tips, just as you’re reading this or when you are at work.

Alert – The tips a bit whacky instead of the regular.


  1. Time Out ‘YOU’ :

Take time out to look at things that matter to you. Reserve half an hour or so to browse the internet about your hobbies, interests, future plans, etc. It can be reading an eBook or simply increasing your general knowledge bank.


  1.  Nonsense Laughs:

Laugh about something completely pointless with that best buddy cum colleague. Laughing at something nonsense is actually therapeutic. However, do this only with a colleague you can afford to get stupid with, or else you might end up in a messy troublesome land.


  1. Walk & Walk:

Take a walk after lunch. If you normally do, take a longer one this time. Not only will it help reduce the extra calories you put on, it will pump more blood into your brain and help  you to stay focused when your return.


  1. Open to Swearing 🙂 :

We’ve been taught that swearing is not good; but believe it or not, it is self therapeutic. You have been silently using the bad words a hundred times a day in your mind. Get them out and be vocal, not in front of the whole office but it can be done within few close knitted colleagues or by yourself in the washroom. Just remember swearing is still a bad thing though.


  1. Self Talk / Speak loud to your Mind;

Become a self talker. Hone the art of speaking to yourself even if it makes you feel like a mad person. Write down the things you want in life and think about who and what kind of person, you want to be. Speak it loud every day, speak loudly enough so that you can hear yourself well.


Here’s hoping you maintain your sanctity while you de-stress yourself!

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