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  • Longest Day : Use it wisely

    Longest Day : Use it wisely

    Good Morning!! I woke up to the earliest sunrise today, thanks to my merely protective curtains. I woke up thinking that it must be 7 am, feeling happy about rising up earlier than usual. But to my surprise it was only 5.45 am. So much for my early rising efforts!! So I’m wondering about the   Read more...

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  • Impress your Father with Promotional Gifts!!

    Impress your Father with Promotional Gifts!!

    The promotional industry has a lot of activities going on this month with Fathers Day just round the corner and the summer season setting in. Everyone is gearing up for some great promotional giveaways that would be appropriate for fathers. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of   Read more...

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  • Summer Time!!

    Summer Time!!

    Finally, it’s the time to get ready for the summer heat!! As per the calendar, the summer season does not begin until 21st June, but in most places summer has already set in. With the heat on the rise, it’s the best time to get your summer saviors. Well, the promotional industry gives you a   Read more...

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  • World No Tobacco Day

    World No Tobacco Day

    Say no to smoking, Say no to tobacco, Say yes to a healthy life!! A smoker- “it wasn’t that we couldn’t hear the entire world screaming the insanity of us smoking pack after pack. It was that our chemically enslaved brain was screaming even louder that smoking was as important as   Read more...

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  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day

    Looking forward to a long weekend? Well, its Memorial Day this Monday (May 30), which marks the excellence of our brave soldiers who died while in military service. But before going into the benefits of this long weekend, let me tell you a bit about the Memorial Day. It is observed as a federal   Read more...

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  • Test your Promotional knowledge!!

    Test your Promotional knowledge!!

    A.W.S. brings to you another round of fun and games through their online contest. All you need to do is answer questions related to the promo industry and in return win fabulous prizes. So keep up-to-date with the promotional market traits and remember to answer all questions correctly to qualify   Read more...

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  • Hug your Cat Day!!

    Hug your Cat Day!!

    Hey, its Hug your Cat Day! So pick up your cute little kitty and give him/her a tight furry hug. To all those who don’t have a cat but are still cat lovers, go ahead and give the first cat you come across all your love. It’s a proven fact that hugs from animals and […]   Read more...

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  • International Day of Families

    International Day of Families

    International day of Families is celebrated on May 15 by the United Nations all around the world. It aims at bringing out the significance of family and its institution. Mother’s day is for moms and Father’s day is for dads, but family day is for everyone to celebrate all types of families. Now   Read more...

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  • The Dots Do Connect; An Unforgettable lesson from Steve Jobs

    The Dots Do Connect; An Unforgettable lesson from Steve Jobs

    The week began with the news that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs has taken medical leave for an unspecified health issue. While the world speculates whether Jobs’ absence will affect Apple’s worth, I’d much rather look at Jobs’ valuable contributions to society. One of which is a moving commencement   Read more...

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