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  • Celebrate Father’s Day Better!

    Celebrate Father’s Day Better!

    “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” -Jim Valvano. This is true for most of us. Confidence doesn’t seep into you; it flows, when the only person you look up to since you were born, starts having a strong belief in you. This is a strong   Read more...

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  • How Embroidery Digitizing Adds Value to Your Business

    How Embroidery Digitizing Adds Value to Your Business

    Have you ever wondered how images get replicated on various textures, caps and branded apparels? The answer is ‘embroidery digitizing’. Normally, the word embroidery conjures a very traditional method of sewing fabrics. Embroidery digitizing is a creative and tedious process, wherein a software   Read more...

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  • Pinterest: Expressing and Exploring Through Images

    Pinterest: Expressing and Exploring Through Images

    The internet is abuzz with the popularity of a new social media network. It’s fun, entertaining, addictive and expressive. It’s called Pinterest. If images and photographs fascinate you and if you like to relate your personality with them, Pinterest is for you! A recent research carried out by   Read more...

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  • Summer Time!!

    Summer Time!!

    Finally, it’s the time to get ready for the summer heat!! As per the calendar, the summer season does not begin until 21st June, but in most places summer has already set in. With the heat on the rise, it’s the best time to get your summer saviors. Well, the promotional industry gives you a   Read more...

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  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day

    Looking forward to a long weekend? Well, its Memorial Day this Monday (May 30), which marks the excellence of our brave soldiers who died while in military service. But before going into the benefits of this long weekend, let me tell you a bit about the Memorial Day. It is observed as a federal   Read more...

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  • Test your Promotional knowledge!!

    Test your Promotional knowledge!!

    AWS brings to you another round of fun and games through their online contest. All you need to do is answer questions related to the promo industry and in return win fabulous prizes. So keep up-to-date with the promotional market traits and remember to answer all questions correctly to qualify for   Read more...

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  • Earth Day – A Global Phenomenon!

    Earth Day – A Global Phenomenon!

    It’s that day of the year when the entire world stand united for one mission. On 22nd of April, 2011, world celebrates Earth Day – a global phenomenon that stretches across all nations with its mission to save our planet. We by now know that people all over the world celebrate it by taking   Read more...

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  • AWS’s production unit relocated to a state-of-the-art new facility

    AWS’s production unit relocated to a state-of-the-art new facility

    In keeping it with mission to provide its growing team with international class working environment and facilities, AWS, the leading artwork, business services and technology partner to Promotional Suppliers & Distributors, has relocated to a new state-of-the-art facility in Mumbai. With more   Read more...

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  • What do brand logos depict?

    What do brand logos depict?

    In the world of branding, where every other company is trying to get an edge over the competitors, all the effort to look unique begins by the incorporation of its logo. A logo depicts what your company is all about; therefore, it’s always ideal to choose the design that symbolizes the name   Read more...

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  • Tips to get noticed at a Tradeshow

    Tips to get noticed at a Tradeshow

    It’s that time of the year again! With just a day left until the PPAI Tradeshow, it’s important for all tradeshow participants to know how to make the most of their presence at tradeshows. Here are some tips to having an effective Tradeshow experience: 1. Identify your target audience: As with   Read more...

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