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  • Longest Day : Use it wisely

    Longest Day : Use it wisely

    Good Morning!! I woke up to the earliest sunrise today, thanks to my merely protective curtains. I woke up thinking that it must be 7 am, feeling happy about rising up earlier than usual. But to my surprise it was only 5.45 am. So much for my early rising efforts!! So I’m wondering about the   Read more...

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  • Impress your Father with Promotional Gifts!!

    Impress your Father with Promotional Gifts!!

    The promotional industry has a lot of activities going on this month with Fathers Day just round the corner and the summer season setting in. Everyone is gearing up for some great promotional giveaways that would be appropriate for fathers. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of   Read more...

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  • Summer Time!!

    Summer Time!!

    Finally, it’s the time to get ready for the summer heat!! As per the calendar, the summer season does not begin until 21st June, but in most places summer has already set in. With the heat on the rise, it’s the best time to get your summer saviors. Well, the promotional industry gives you a   Read more...

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