Celebrating International Creativity Month: 4 Creative Tips To Boost Business

Jan 15, 14

International Creativity Month is celebrated in January every year with one primary focus – to remind individuals and organizations about the importance of adding a touch of creativity to their daily lives.

This initiative was introduced by Randall Munson, a professional speaker who manages to get as creative as possible during all his presentations. By adding magic and humor to his talks, Randall has successfully engaged with audiences in a truly creative manner. Why not use creativity to increase productivity at the workplace?


Here are 4 creative tips from AWSUA to give a firm boost to your business:

1.       Get some reflection time: How busy are you on an average day at the workplace? Are you rushing between meetings with no time to complete your tasks? Or do you have a mountain of emails to attend to? However busy you are, it is important that you find about 15 minutes of quality time at the office – away from work pressure to give your mind a much needed rejuvenation.

It’s ideal to have your “reflection time” when you are feeling your lowest at the office – it helps to keep you energized with ideas for the tasks ahead.

2.       Rejuvenate your brand: For you, the brand representing your company signifies years of struggle and hard work. For the end-user, however, your brand signifies the overall experience you offer to him. How attractive is your brand and the message it tries to convey to the target audience?

 Add a creative touch to branding by changing the tone used in your marketing copy and other messages shared with your target audience.

3.       Launch a creative team: Bring together the best minds in the office and have them draw out a plan to make work more productive while being fun at the same time. Schedule exciting events other employees can be a part of and engage with them in the most creative manner possible.

4.      Collaborate with customers: Get creative with your customers as well. Visit them and learn what they expect from your business. Incorporate their ideas into your business and get started on providing them the best possible experience ever.

At AWSUSA, we give importance to creativity, especially since it forms the core of our work. Whether it’s Vector Art, Virtual Samples or Image Editing, a whole dose of creativity is required to create solutions that are unique and high in quality.

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