Celebrating National Time Management Month: 5 Tips To Manage Time Better

Feb 14, 14

Did you know that the United States celebrates February as National Time Management Month? February has been strategically chosen for this observance since it immediately follows the first month of the year when most people make their resolutions. Have you managed to keep your resolutions so far?

This article features 5 tips that will help you manage your time better. Here we go!


  1. Record your activity: Note down your activities for a week – how much work do you get done for the day? and the number of hours you get to spend with family. This way you will be able to figure out how much time is wasted on unproductive things.
  2. Note down important and productive items in a to-do list: Give items on this list a high priority and make sure you devote enough time to them.
  3. The 30 minute rule: Keep aside the 1st 30 minutes of each day to plan your day. This half an hour will serve as the most important phase of the day – allowing you to plan your schedule at an ideal pace.
  4. What kind of result do you want?: Before you take up an important task, make sure you spend 5 minutes to ascertain the kind of result you are looking for. This will help ensure all daily tasks are goal-oriented.
  5. Give social media lesser importance: Is social media crucial to your business? If your answer is no, you should be giving lesser time to it at work. Set aside a 15-minute window when you would check the activities on your personal social media profiles.

Hope these 5 tips help you manage time better in your working environment! All the best from all of us at AWSUSA!

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