Getting Inspired For The New Year Through World Peace Meditation Day

Dec 27, 13

It’s no secret that the power of meditation is often underestimated. But the fact remains that meditation is probably the best way to encourage concentration and analytical thinking while rooting out negative energy.

Only a few days remain for this eventful year to come to an end. 2013 was filled with memorable events and occasions that made the year even more special for us. There is still one event to look out for – the World Peace Meditation Day on December 31.

Every year, communities across the United States – irrespective of religion or color – come together to show solidarity with each other on this special day. The origins of this day can be traced back to December 31, 1986 when several spiritual communities from around the world came together to use meditation and prayer as tools to achieving world peace.

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As the year ends, we have heard several depressing stories, especially those from Syria, North Korea and regions in Africa. Let’s hope World Peace Meditation Day inspires leaders to take a pause and meditate over each step they take.

Let’s hope 2014 is more serene and relaxed year for everybody. At AWSUSA, we look forward to serving you in 2014 with the same zeal as before. Check out our exciting deals and gain maximum benefits for your business!

On a different note, we hope you got to spend some quality time with family and friends on Christmas day!

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