How to empower your business with instant digital catalogs

May 26, 15

Are you pushing your marketing team to the edge without any results? Are you wondering how to establish long term relationships with your existing customers? Or are you wondering how to market your product to existing customers? All your questions now have a brilliant solution all under one umbrella. Whether you want to boost your marketing team with a brilliant idea or you want to convert potential customers into long term relationships Ecat Power Personalized Catalogs is the wizard of all magic.

So is it some rocket science? Certainly not, it works in a manner which can be easily conceivable by the mind. We take you through a process as simple as possible which demonstrates the steps to success.

Step 1

Select & Customize Cover


Choose catalog cover by either uploading an image or using a pre-existing template and customize the selected cover with your logo and text message.


Step 2

Select Products


Choose the products you wish to showcase in your catalog.


Step 3

Edit Pricing


Add, edit pricing of products to your satisfaction.


Step 4

Embed Logo


Upload the logo you want displayed on all the products in your catalog.


Step 5 

Preview & Generate


Preview an advance view of your catalog before the final selection.


Step 6



Add address and contact information to email final catalogs to potential customers.



Dodge the armchair philosophy and introduce Ecat Power Personalized Catalog to transform your business to a powerhouse of excellence.

Download the brochure here.


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