Industry Speak: Learn from Our Guest Blogger and loyal customer, Nan Hall-Benton

Dec 10, 10

At A.W.S., we love hearing from our customers. We know our clients are experts in the promotional industry; there’s just so much to learn from them. So today, we’d like to share a guest post from a loyal customer; Nan Hall-Benton.

What Nan’s learnt:

Its not often someone comes up to me and hands me an order for 10,000 crystal coasters. And when she did, she had NO idea what went into the manufacture of that order. The client didn’t have a logo in vector format. Ha! She didn’t even have a logo! And she wanted the coasters gift wrapped and ready within two weeks.

This business of promotional products isn’t all about the deadlines. Its not about the inventory. It isn’t even about domestic or foreign. What I’ve learned over the past decade is that we’re about relationships – relationships with the customers and relationships with our vendors. Knowing which vendor I could call upon at a moment’s notice for cooperation is one of the most important tidbits of data in my toolbox.

We don’t sell at A Creative Solution. We teach. We educate. We share our knowledge with our clients in order for all of us to enjoy a better promotional experience. We believe that a little bit of cooperation makes for an easier outcome. I sat down with the client and in two hours together we formulated the idea for her logo. It was designed, “vectored” (by our friends at AWS) and on its way to the vendor the next day. We negotiated her deadline after explaining that, even with my magic wand, two weeks was a little on the “are you kidding?” side.

Empowering the client to make informed decisions is truly what I have strived for over our last ten years. We help businesses discover the magic in their brand.

Nan Hall-Benton is the Executive Fairy Godmother at A Creative Solution LLC.

She can be reached via

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